Greetings! I'm Garrett Fleenor, and I am a video game programmer. I usually go by 'Kylegar' or 'Roy Awesome' on the internets.
My e-mail is You can contact me there!

Code, Projects, and Such

I went to school for Computer Science at Oregon State University. I did graphics programming as my applied coursework and TA'd intro level Computer Science classes for 5 years.

You can view some screenshots of the things I have worked on right here

Out of Highschool I worked on Empires, a Half-life 2 Modification. I worked on it for around 2.5 years, and became exceptionally proficient while working on it.

I helped a friend on a game programming competition on the Something Awful forums, titled UN Peacekeeper. We placed 12th.

I took part in Ludum Dare, a 48 hour game programming competition. The game was titled Space Empire. It featured infinite maps and procedurally generated planets, factions, and there was going to be ships, but I ran out of time. I placed 118 out of 242.

I worked on Spout, an open source multiplayer tile-based 3d game engine. It's written in java, and up on github. I primarly focused on the graphics and rendering portion of the engine, including the content pipeline
I am currently working on Worldsmith, an open source Dota 2 mod editor. It's in a functional prototype stage.

Other Things

I was a Resident Assistant in the dorms at OSU.
I like to launch model rockets on my spare time. I wouldn't mind building an actual rocket...
I spend most of my free time learning new techniques and writing demos of things I have discovered. Many screenshots of these projects are available in the screenshots link above
I moderate the Planetside 2 subreddit and the Dota 2 modding subreddit
I hacked in rudamentary mod support into Planetside 2, although my techniques relied on a file loading exploit that has been reported to SOE. With it, I can get custom assets to load into the game, as well as some gameplay tweaks. I enjoy hacking and reverse engineering games but I do not use those techniques to harm the integrety of the game, just for my own amusement.